20 Months – How to Make Movies a Learning Experience

Roman watching frozen We know screen time is not a favorite in many households, but we personally love movies!  Yes, your child may not understand everything at this age, but they are focused enough where they can watch at least part of a movie that is interesting to them.  Movies have characters, settings, themes, plots, etc.  Judging by the music and acting, your child will begin to know when to be scared vs. when to laugh when someone is being silly.  It’s a great way to develop a sense of humor, labeling of characters/actions/feelings, etc.                                                                              

At first you can start off with a book or even Google images of the characters to introduce it to them.  Go over their names (e.g. – “Olaf”), what they look like (e.g. – “He’s made of snow”)… whatever stands out so they can learn new language.  And the movie can be shown as a treat – perhaps during the weekend when the weather isn’t so nice!  

Roman eating corn watching frozen While watching the movie comment on the characters, what you see, the actions going on, the problem, how the characters are feeling, how the problem was resolved, etc.  At this age you can keep your words and phrases basic.  All of this input will allow your child to understand that there is a sequence to the movie  – beginning, middle, and end.  We followed up our movie watching with movie-related toys.  For instance, after watching Frozen we got Frozen bath toys so we can act out scenes from the movie and comment on the characters.  Some of our other recent favorite movies include: The Good Dino, Cinderella, Minions, and The Peanuts Movie.  Enjoy with some popcorn! 


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