19 Months 3 Weeks – Ways to Incorporate Language into Bath Time

Roman and bath time Bath Time is a fun time!  And when children are having fun you can get tons of language out of them!  We start out by making sure the bath itself is extra motivating.  There are a variety of simple toys you can get such as books, stacking cups, sea animals, water squirters, basketball nets, boats, fishing games, etc.  We even like to change the color of the water with some Crayola Color Bath Drops!  Some of our favorite bath toys are made by Alex Toys and Boon Inc.                                                                                         

Some expressive language concepts that you can target include: prepositions (e.g. – “under the water”), common phrases such as “turn on/off”, commenting (e.g.- temperature, “Oooo watch out for the red crab!”), action words (e.g. – “swimming”, “splashing”), requests (e.g. – “I need a towel”), and so much more!  As for receptive language skills, there are so many directions you can give involving prepositions (e.g. – “put the dolphin on top of the water”), actions (e.g. – “make the starfish jump”), body parts (e.g. – “touch your hair”), multi-steps (e.g. – “give me the fish and then give me the net”), etc.  It’s a great time to play and work with your child on anything because you are face-to-face with them and you both have each other’s undivided attention!


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