19 Months – Building on “Me “My” or “Mine”

Roman with his turkeyWe recently had a blog post about first toddler phrases.  Another common toddler phrase includes the word “me, “my” or “mine”.  Toddlers are of course very egocentric and their whole world is centered around themselves!  Me me me!  Therefore, it makes sense as to why one of their first words is usually “me”, “my” or “mine”.  

Once your child produces “me, “my” or “mine”, it’s a great word to build upon to produce basic 2-3 word phrases.  We advise parents to start with desirable items such as a toy or bottle.  For instance, my son loves horses, so in that case I would pretend to take his horse or withhold it to give him a chance to say “my horse”.  You can also model a phrase by taking something and saying it’s yours.  

Once they get the concept you can go onto other opportunities.  For instance, it could be things that they need like “shoes”.  When you go outside, you can hold their shoes and give them a chance to say “my shoes”.  You can even show them yours and say “mommy’s shoes” or “daddy’s shoes”.  You can also use it with their favorite people such as “my mommy”.  There are endless ways to teach 2-3 word phrases.  


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