18 Months 1 Week – Using Household Items for Play

Roaman walking on bubble wrap We love using traditional toys for play whether it be building blocks, puzzles, dollhouses, etc.  But there is also something to be said for items that were not intended to be toys.  We often hear parents saying “What’s the point in even buying toys?” and we understand why!  There are items all around your house that your children would be more than happy to play with – really gets their creativity going!  Here are some ideas ☺

Toilet or Paper Towel Rolls – you can use them as binoculars, microphones, or even attach it to fall and throw things in them and watch them fall down!

Magazines – talk about the pictures, practice cutting, or if they are even younger have them practice ripping the paper

Cardboard Boxes – make it into a car by having your child get in and push it around the house or give them some pens or crayons and let them scribble on it freely

Shoe Boxes – have your child open and close them while putting things in and taking things out…. You can even stack them high!

Bubble Wrap – tape some to the floor and have your child run across it to hear the popping sounds!


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