16 Months 3 Weeks – Identifying and Labeling Clothing Items

Roman.Your child is beginning to be very aware of the world around them!  They keep seeing the same people, the same types of food, familiar items, etc., which makes them more confident and secure as learners.  At this point, you constantly model the words for what they are doing, eating, and even what they are wearing without even thinking about it.  And guess what?  They are catching on!

A great concept to work on that is related to body parts is clothing items! It’s great vocabulary to target since getting dressed; changing our clothes, etc. is something you do numerous times during the day – especially in the winter! You can begin by keeping your child’s clothes very organized (e.g. – socks go in a specific drawer, jackets are hung up in a specific closet, shoes are right next to the door, etc.) to get them used to the exact location. They will start associating that location with that exact item.

You can then begin identifying clothing items. Start with what you are wearing and what they are wearing and say simple commands such as “Point to socks!”  If they do it, great! And if not, all you have to do is model it by pointing and repeating “Socks. These are your socks”.  A great activity to do while folding laundry is to say “Find a shirt” or hold up two items and say “Point to pants”. Also draw attention to any of the details on your children’s clothing (e.g. – color, texture, stripes, drawings, etc.) to make it fun and add more vocabulary! Once your child gets the hang of identifying the clothes, have them label some of their favorite clothing items. Find “hat”, “coat”, “shoes”, “socks”, and “shirt” tend to be the first words in terms of clothing items! You can even make it more fun and play dress up while doing so! It’s also great to practice putting clothes on and taking them off to encourage your child’s motor planning skills.


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