14 Months 1 Week – Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Roman playing and being messy This summer has been full of sun, fun, and exploration!  Don’t let the exploration stop in the fall!  There are many sensory activities that we did outside that we can easily bring inside.  Here are some great ideas – now let’s get messy!

*Water Play – put a tub in your bathtub or fill up your sink and let your kids splash all day long

*Shaving Cream – get a tray or baking pan and squeeze the shaving cream on it… have your child make handprints and use their index finger to make designs

*Sand Box – using a tub or portable sandbox allow your children to bring the sand into your home – you can build, sift, dig, and pour for hours

*Pillow Stuffing – take the stuffing out of a doll or pillow and have your child throw it in the air, pull/separate it, and pretend it’s fluffy cloud

*Bubble Wrap – if you take it to the ground and have them step on it you can’t beat this indoor activity POP POP POP!

*Ice Cubes – freeze ice cubes with food coloring and use them to “color” on paper… the result is beautiful

*Sensory Box – find a variety of items in the house (eg – bumpy, rough, soft, fluffy, etc.) and put them in one box; you can even have them close their eyes and have them guess the texture by feeling it… water beads are also a great idea!

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