14th Months – Keeping Up with Your Active Child

TAG As many of you know by now you’re kiddo is non-stop on the go!  We want them to explore those gross motor skills and really improve on them.  Have them engage in the activities below while you talk about the actions (e.g. – climb, walk, crawl, throw, etc.).  Support your child in being active!  The more they explore their world… the more they learn!

– Put cushions around the couch so they can climb up and down without getting hurt

– Put items in boxes and have them push it

– Put them in a big cardboard box and push them around

– Put heavier items in a bag and have them carry it across the room

Roman with obstacle course.– Create an obstacle course (e.g. – crawling through cones and then shooting a basketball)

Roman climbing stairs.– Find a set of steps for them to practice climbing up


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