Vowels and Diphthongs iBook

Vowels and Diphthongs iBook
Vowels & Diphthongs is the ideal book for speech pathologists, children working on articulation, adults who are trying to modify their English accents, and even babies just beginning to imitate sounds! Many times the vowels and diphthongs of the English language are overlooked, so we dedicated this book to them to show how crucial they are in speech and communication. The slightest difference in pronunciation can lead to a whole different word meaning. This book identifies part of the mouth and articulators necessary to produce specific sounds and provides users with easy instructions. The audio and visual cues encourage imitation and correct production. It is the ultimate video modeling tool! The book also utilizes phonetic symbols and is helpful with promoting phonemic awareness as well as early reading skills. We have also used it successfully in providing stimulation for nonverbal and minimally verbal children and adults with Autism.

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