8 Months 3 Weeks – Traveling with Baby!

Roman playing peek-a-boo Many of our friends with kids recommended we travel before the year mark and before Roman starts walking – I totally agree!  As you may have read in this week’s “Babbling to Talking” speech and language milestones blog, we took a mini trip to Mexico to meet our cousins.  While the plane ride to and from vacation wasn’t 100% smooth, we tried to come prepared with fun language based activities for the plane and it definitely paid off!  It also helps if you’re sitting next to friendly people who enjoy playing Peek-A-Boo of course ☺  And don’t hesitate to use apps that encourage language production – whatever works!

Here are some ideas below on how you can pass time on the plane, car, or whatever your preferred mode of transportation is!   Magazines/Newspaper – Don’t throw out magazines or newspapers that you’ve read.  They can be priceless tools for long rides.  Show your child how to rip the page, rip it into strips, and then squares.  It’s a perfect sensory activity and you can target words such as “rip”, “loud”, “small”, “big”, name of shapes, etc. Walks – This is definitely possible if you take breaks during long car rides and on the plane you can walk up and down the aisle.  You can take this as opportunity to say hi to the stewardesses and ask for water.  If your child is old enough feel free to have them do it!

Roman looking out port hole. Window – Show your child what is outside by pointing and talking about what you see.  If you’re on a plane they may enjoy opening and closing the window.                                                                                                                                   

Books – Don’t forget to bring interactive books (eg – touch and feel, flap) to keep your child motived.  Practice pointing to and labeling familiar items and actions.                                                                                                                                  

Roman searching“Mary Poppins” Bag” – We found it VERY helpful to bring a zippered bag full of some of his favorite toys (eg – musical instruments, balls, cars, etc.)… this allows a child to independently play and explore items.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Hidden Snacks – Another genius idea that someone had once told me about is to hide snacks in those plastic Easter eggs.  If you put a Cheerio in each egg, your child can practice his/her fine motor skills by opening and closing the eggs, taking out the Cheerio, etc.  Fun activity and takes up lots of time ☺   Enjoy Spring break!

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