8 Months 2 Weeks – Don’t Forget about the Vowels!

Roman teethingA few weeks back we talked about early consonants to target with your babies, but what we often forget are vowels when it comes to speech and imitation.  They are an integral part of speech in general, especially now that they are producing C-V (consonant-vowel like “ma”), C-V-C-V (eg – consonant-vowel- consonant-vowel like “baba), and C-V-C (consonant-vowel-consonant like “pop”).  I often find that many children communicate with gestures using sounds like “aaaaahh” at first using varied intonation (eg – pointing to request a toy and vocalizing), so as you can see vowels serve a very important purpose!

Roman Vowel Words Here is a list of vowels that are best to target and corresponding words or nonsense words:

“ah” as in “dada”

“a” as in “mama”

“uh” as in “buhbuh”

“oh” as in “no” or “go”

“ee” as in “bee”

“e” as in “egg” or “yes”

“ey” as “hey”

“oo” as in “poo”

“ay” as in “bye”

“i” as in “did”

“oy” as in “boy”

Roman with cars Feel free to work on animal sounds such as “moo”, “neigh”, “oink”, “woof”, “meow”, etc. and transportation sounds such as “vroom” and “beep” during play.  We also create opportunities where “things go wrong” such as cars crashing or items fall to target “uh oh”!  Look out for our “Vowels” book that will encourage your child to talk – will be coming out very soon!  

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